I was born in Barcelona. I studied at the Faculty of Geography and History. A compulsive reader, I held various jobs until I could dedicate myself to literature. While pregnant with my daughters, I took a couple of courses at the Writers' School of the Ateneo de Barcelona.

I have novels stored away in drawers and others published that don't measure up. They are part of my learning process.

I only want to share those that I have written inspired by La Pedrera. I came to this building out of love when I met my second husband. We had two daughters and formed a family. Due to life circumstances, a few years ago, my husband and daughters changed scenery, and I have remained as the guardian of this space. It is said of me that I am 'the last neighbor,' but it is not true. It is just the title of one of my novels. As of today (spring 2024), there is another person living here. La Pedrera consists of two buildings joined by the same facade, and she lives in the building facing Paseo de Gracia, and I live in the building facing Provenza Street. We do not share a concierge, elevator, or staircase; we only encounter each other when we take our dogs for a walk on the street.

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